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2011.07.04 / 来年のワイハーふ~ごるが楽しみでしかたがない。

DJ Anonymous: Suomi Soul #1 (2004) by DJ Anonymous

1. l.j. johnson “staring in space”
2. sylvia “sweet stuff”
3. the imaginations “love jones”
4. tom brock “i love you more and more”
5. jimmy lewis “that won’t stop me from loving you”
6. dramatics “i think about you”
7. the floaters “float on”
8. delegation “oh honey”
9. al hudson & the soul partners “trying to prove my love”
10. bill withers “you got the stuff”
11. jones girls “you gonna make me love somebody else”
12. the individuals “sorry sorry”
13. ingram kingdom “what else can i say”
14. 21st century “mirror mirror”
15. lamont dozier “breakin out all over”
16. gladys knight “if you ever need somebody”
17. chaka khan “move me no mountain”
18. ltd “don’t stop loving me now”
19. keni burke “keep on singing”
20. syreeta “to know you is to love you”
21. natural four “baby come on”
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